Richmond / San Rafael Bridge: Bikes Yes

Richmond / San Rafael Bridge: Bikes Yes

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Here’s a great tale of a rickshaw bicycle driver lost in Richmond on his way from Eastern China via Canada to the Olympic Games in Rio.

Craig Murray commences the tale: “At my construction site at 246 24th Street (Family Justice Center) and in a great moment of serendipity, we had a gentleman bicycling in what I would call a rickshaw from China to the Olympic Games in Rio. He stopped in Richmond and specifically at 246 24th Street looking for assistance to find his way to Chinatown in San Francisco. He did not speak English but did have a cell phone. Our contractor bought him some tacos and Craig connected him to I Kuan Choi in the Planning Department to speak with him in his native language. Much to his dismay there was no way to bicycle from Richmond to San Francisco.

"He could have bicycled via Richmond/SanRafael and Golden Gate Bridges through Marin IF the Richmond/San Rafale Bridge was open to bicycles as it should have been when it was retrofitted by Tudor-Saliba back in 2005 and a future commitment to provide Bay Trail access was Cal Trans-deferred at that time. For this intrepid bicycle rider hurling himself out into the world from China, eventually, we at the Construction site connected him to Najari Smith and his bicycle shop."

Najari Smith continues the tale here: "It was early afternoon when Mykee Ramen our Lead Mechanic at the Rich City Rides Cooperative Community Shop called me with news that we have a lost Chinese traveler with a well packed rickshaw outside our shop. When I arrived I learned that he wasn't lost - he was frustrated.

"Chen Guan Ming has been traveling across the world on a rickshaw bicycle. He started in Eastern China and made his way to Richmond from Canada. He was on his way to Chinatown in San Francisco but unfortunately there was no way to get there the on a bike.

"My team at the Rich City Rides Shop managed to communicate with Chen with the help of the staff at the Joy Café, and the folks from the barbershop next to the cafe arranged for a truck to drive the rickshaw to San Francisco. It took five of us including Chen and myself to get the heavily packed Rickshaw onto the truck."

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