Richmond / San Rafael Bridge: Bikes Yes

Richmond / San Rafael Bridge: Bikes Yes


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Contra Costa County Bikeway Network
2009 MTC  Contra Costa Bike Plan ~ Click to enlarge >>
  Marin County Bike Plan
2009 MTC  Marin Bike Plan showing Richmond/San Rafael Bridge
connection to Richmond ~ Click to enlarge >>

City of Richmond -580 Access to Western Drive
#1. Pt. Richmond I-580 "access" to Western Drive. The yellow highlight indicates the problemmatic portion which lacks a North-south road connector under I-580. Because of this, there is no safe access to the bridge nor to Pt. Molate from the Bay Trail and Pt. Richmond. The leftmost "unnamed street" perpendicular to shoreline running under I-580 is Scofield Street, a private street since the City vacated it in Chevron's favor in 1956.

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Non-Motorized Access Routes to Richmond-San Rafael Bridge
#2. Needed "access" to Western Drive. The only bike/ped access to the bridge or to Pt. Molate from either side of I-580 is by traveling west ON THE FREEWAY SHOULDER with no separation from traffic. This has already resulted in the tragic death of one bicyclist and serious injury to another. We need a path NOW on the I-560 shoulder separated from traffic by a solid barrier.
Read about the deadly Bay Trail gap. Click on the map to enlarge>>

Caltrans Proposition 2
Caltrans proposed bicycle on-ramp to the bridge above the toll booths. The rectangular text box sits above the proposed on-ramp which runs north-south, perpendicular to I-580. The current deadly unseparated bike lane is also indicated as a dotted line leading to the Western Dr. / Pt. Molate off-ramp.  Click to enlarge>>

Eastern Bridge Approach above Toll Booths
Proposed eastern approach to the bridge from the
2007 Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Access study.

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Metropolitan Transportation Commission
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MTC Proposed Regional Bikeway  


Association of Bay Area Governments
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ABAG Bay Trail




Richmond-San Rafael Bridge
Richmond-San Rafael Bridge
First Annual Report,

CA Department of Public Works,
Division of San Francisco Bay Toll Crossings, 1954.

Harmer E. Davis Transportation Library.

UC Berkeley Bridging the Bay
Exhibit See it all>>

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Chevron Long Wharf - Bay Trail Gap
Preferred Bay Trail Route From End of Tewksbury Avenue Above Retraining Wall on South Side of I-580 to Existing Trail Under Bridge.
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